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What age can my child start dancing?

Children can start in the Tiny Tots class from 4years old.

This class is aimed at teaching them the basics whilst having fun. They learn all the latest party routines as well as other routines. Every 12 weeks they take their rosettes. They have to dance with their class and they are marked out of 10. If they pass they get a rosette and then move up to the next level. There are 5 rosettes in total, after this they can start there IDTA exams (they must be 5years old to start IDTA exams).

Children aged 8 or above are best to join the 6pm classes. This is a harder class and they will begin routines for their IDTA exams straight away. We do still have fun but there are no party dances in this class.

How do I join the Tattoo class?

To join the Tattoo class you must first be in the Master Class. This will let us see if you are able to cope with the routine that will be taught. The tattoo routine is over 7minutes long and some children find it too much to remember.

Attendance weekly is compulsory. You are not allowed to miss any lessons unless you are on holiday and you must tell us in advance of when you will be away. If you miss classes then your place will be given away.

There is a max number of children that can join this class so if you don't get in this year you may have to wait till next year.

Classes are Tuesday night 8-9pm at Solihull Lodge. The tattoo is usually the last weekend in November and you are required at all rehearsals:

Friday night at the NIA

all day Saturday at the NIA

all day Sunday at the NIA

Costumes are usually around £20-£30 and all children must have black dance shoes or pumps. We can buy tickets for parents at a cheaper rate than they are sold at the NIA but you do not get to choose where you sit.

If you need any more info please ask. Its hard work but lots of fun!

Do I have to take exams?

The answer is no. If you do not want to take exmas that is fine. After every exam you will move up to the next class so that you can learn harder routines but no one is forced to take exmas.

If you have started taking exams but dont want to carry on or want to miss the next exam again that is fine. Just tell us in advance and we will not put your name down. If you want to start taking them again just let us know.

No one is pressured to do anything they dont want to do. Just come along and have fun!

How do I join Master Class?

Master class is open to students who are on Gold and above exams. If you are interested you must speak to Lyn, Angela or Lisa to see if the class is right for your child. The class doesn't finish till 9pm so this does make it quite late for some of the younger children. Some children start the class and then realise that it is too hard for them, this is fine they can try again in a few months time to see if they can cope. The routines are taught quick and we do not go over and over it again like in medal classes. If you don't have the routine you don't dance it in the show. There are routines aimed at different age groups so everyone should be able to perform something in the show.

What qualifications are there?

We offer IDTA exams in freestyle and ballroom and latin. Once you have taken exams with IDTA even if you leave the dance school you will never have to take them again.

Exams are:

Bronze, Silver, Gold

Gold bars





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