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Tattoo 2013

Hi All


Date for your diary. The dates for the Tattoo this year are:

Friday 29th November

Saturday 30th November

Sunday 1st Deecember

Tattoo 2012

Hi All

Its nearly tattoo time! If you would like to join us on the coach please let us know by Tuesday. If you have not done the tattoo before we recommend that you come with us on the coach.

Friday 23rd November

This is the first time all the schools get together to practice. You will need to be at the NIA for 6.30. The coach leaves from Solihull Lodge Community Centre at 5.30pm sharp. Please be there by 5.20pm. Please wear your Lyntone t-shirts and jackets so you are easy to spot.

Saturday 24th November

We shall be at the NIA all afternoon and evening. The coach will leave from Solihull Lodge Community Centre at 2.30pm sharp. Please be there by 2.20pm.We have a rehearsal time to practice on the actual NIA floor but the rest of the time will be spent practising downstairs in the sports hall.

This is a long day so you will need to bring food and drink with you (there is no where to buy food or drink at the NIA). Please ensure that you do not bring fizzy drinks or cans. Your parents will collect you from the Stage Door North Car Park at 9.00pm. You will not be allowed to leave us until we have seen your parents so please do not arrange to meet them anywhere else.

Sunday 25th November

This is a much shorter day as we are only there for the duration of the show. Please bring drinks and snacks with you. Please meet us at the Stage Door, North Car Park at 1.00pm sharp. The show should be over by 5pm so you can be collected from the stage door at this time.


What do I need to bring?

- White tattoo t-shirt

- Black leggings

- Black shoes

- Red and white legwarmers

- Wear a white bra (if needed)

- Hair bobbles (red, white and blue)

- Hair brush

- Food and drink (no cans or fizzy pop)

- Make up


Please make sure your name is on all of your Lyntone clothes and tattoo clothes as we do not want anyone loosing things.

Please do NOT bring any phones, straighteners or other expensive items. We will take NO responsibility for anything that is lost. Your belongings will be left alone downstairs whilst we are dancing.


We shall have a great time as usual. Please do not worry about anything if you have any questions please just ask.

Tattoo 2012

It's that time of year again, it's tattoo time! Tattoo classes start on Tuesday 17th July. If you haven't already signed up and would like to please speak to Lyn asap as we may have space for one or two more. The Tattoo this year is the last weekend in November.

Tattoo 2011

Its nearly that time of year again!

Friday 9th December we have booked a coach to take you from Solihull Lodge to the NIA and back again. Please ensure that you are at Solihull Lodge by 5.15. We should be back around 9-9.30pm. Please wear your Lyntone outfits. You do NOT need to bring anything else.

Saturday 10th December we have booked a coach to take you to the NIA. Please ensure that you are at Solihull Lodge by 1pm. Parents will need to collect you after the show has finished from the stage door of the NIA.

Sunday 11th December you will need to make your own way to the NIA.

Please ensure that you bring the following with you on the saturday and sunday:

- costume - leggings, white top, red skirt, white skirt, legwarmers

- hair accessories - bobbles, brushes, hairspray, grips etc

- food and drink. Please do not bring any fizzy pop and ensure that all drinks are in sealable bottles

Please do NOT bring anything valuable. When we are upstairs performing your belongings will be left unattended downstairs. We are not resonsible for any lost items.

If you have any questions please ask.


Tattoo 2011

What is the Tattoo?

Lyntone dancing is part of the UK Freestyle Display Team. Every year the team comes together and performs in the International Tattoo at the NIA. We perform a seven - eight minute routine where there are over 300 dancers ranging in age from 6 - 26.

Every year there is a theme to the music and several different songs are used throughout the performance. The whole team performs together then each school gets a solo spot where they get to show off their talents.

Previous routines can be viewed on youtube.

Below is the official description of the Tattoo from the NIA website:

The Birmingham International Christmas Tattoo promises a rousing start to the festive season as 1,000 military musicians and other performers march into Birmingham for the spectacular annual event in December.

The Tattoo is one of the premier events of its type attracting marching bands and displays from across Europe and the UK to the NIA each year.

For the first time, the Norwegians are sending their military musical ambassadors, the spectacular Norwegian King’s Guard Band and their drill team. They will be joining our own world famous Band and Drums of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines and, in their scarlet tunics, the Band and Corps of Drums of the Yorkshire Volunteers.

Another first for the Tattoo is an appearance by the Band of the Liberation Army, from The Netherlands, whose distinctive style is well known in the world of military bands. Also on parade will be the National Youth Marching Band which combines six of the UK’s finest marching bands.

Complementing the massed marching bands will be the exciting displays including the field gun race, the gymnasts and dog display team, the RAFA Cosford Queen’s Colour, the massed parade of standards plus much, much more.

The whole Tattoo will take on a festive theme this year culminating in a Spectacular Christmas Grand Finale featuring the British Tenor Tim Pitman and singing sensation Rebecca Robinson and all 1,000 performers in a spectacle of light and sound.

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